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A MBBS, MD in General Medicine and DM in Endocrinology, Dr. Vikrant Ghatnatti has done numerous research work, presentations and publications. Dr. Vikrant Ghatnatti specializes in diagnosing, evaluating and treating patients in Diabetes, Thyroid Disorders and other Hormonal Disorders like Short Stature, Adrenal and Pituitary Disorders, Metabolic Disorders etc. With years of experience Dr. Vikrant Ghatnatti has established himself as a leading consultant of Endocrinology and successfully runs his own Endocrine Centre.

Apart from running his own hospital Dr. Vikrant Ghatnatti has been associated with various Hospitals as consultant and with colleges and institutes as a visiting faculty. Being an M.D and D.M. of Endocrinology Dr. Vikrant Ghatnatti specializes in Diabetes care, Thyroid Disorders and others.

Over a period of time with several awards and achievements and by attending and organizing many seminars and CMEs; Dr. Vikrant Ghatnatti has carved a permanent niche for himself in by working for the society. Dr. Vikrant Ghatnatti has participated in various seminars, carried out various education programs to spread mass education about the prevention and cure of diabetes. Dr. Vikrant Ghatnatti is also an astute learner, a keen observer and has a passion for teaching.